62-year-old politician Mike Pence got into hot water after making insensitive comments about the Capitol riots.

Lawyer turned politician Mike Pence is one of the most notable figures of the United States. 

Previously serving as the 48th Vise President of the United States, he is not afraid to speak his mind.

Moreover, he is also a prominent part of the US house of representatives, holding a significant amount of power in the government.

Where Is Mike Pence Now And What Happened To Him?

Mike Pence got into hot waters with the police after making unfriendly comments about the Capitol riots in January.

People of the Washington state got enraged with the politician and made him of their targets.

A year from today, Twitter executives had to stop the phrase, Hang Mike Pence, from trending.

But that words were already engraved into the hearts of the right-wing Trump supporters.

Picture editors present on the scene revealed the seriousness when more than three rioters confessed to coming for him.

Currently, he is safe with his family, celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Capitol Police aren’t happy with Mike Pence dismissing 1/6 since they did everything in their power to keep him from being murdered in front of the world

— dimplasm🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇸 (@dimplasm) January 1, 2022

Mike Pence trend in Twitter after he dismissed the January capitol riots as just a day in the year.


Infuriated police took to Twitter to show the solemnity of the situation by disclosing their injuries.

Twitter user @SergeantAqGo, a US Amy soldier and Iraq veteran, pledged his loyalty to his job by showing the length he went through to protect the politician’s family.

His post got met with a wave of support who praised his braveness and condemned Pence for his words.

Pence: “that one day in January”. This happened to me giving him and others time to escape to safely so he wouldn’t get hanged/executed. To some, my efforts and injuries are just an exaggeration. THEY did this to me. This why it matters to me and should matters to you.

— Staff Sergeant Gonell, Aquilino (@SergeantAqGo) December 30, 2021

Politician Mike Pence Age And Wikipedia 

Politician Mike Pence or Michael Richard Pence was born on 7th June 1959, making him 62.

Growing up in Indiana, he is one of six children. Previously, his father served in the Korean war and earned a bronze medal.

After retirement, his family moved on to owning a gas station.

Indeed, he is a graduate of Hanover College with a Bachelor in Arts. Later, the Christian man got a doctor from Robert H McKinney School of Law.

Who Is The Wife Of Mike Pence?

Mike Pence is blissfully wedded to his wife, Karen Pence. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in 1985.

The two are college sweethearts as they both studied at Indiana University.

Together, they raised three kids, Charlotte, Michael, and Aubrey.

Like a loyal wife, she stood by his side during cheating scandals and was his partner to all of his campaign trails.


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