Born with an American nationality to his parents Israel Arroyo Jr. and Kimberly Drummond, Christian Arroyo is one of the most MLB players in the currents seasons. 

Christian Arroyo is an American athlete and baseball player who is recognized as one of the most popular baseball infielders in Major League Baseball (MLB).

He plays for the Boston Red Sox in the MLB but this time, he is not entirely ruling the media because of just his own team.

Getting straight to the point, Christian and a few of the other Red Sox players were seen at the Patriots game Sunday night, leaving behind their optional workout session.

Seeing the Patriots game with the Red Sox being the viewers is surely something the public loved seeing, which made Christian and his mates trending on media and the web.

People are now seeming interested to find out more about his nationality, parents, age, family, wife, salary, and many more.

Who Are Christian Arroyo Parents? Their Nationality Explored

The parents of renowned baseball star Christian Arroyo are his father Israel Arroyo Jr. and his mother Kimberly Drummond.

He was born to them 26 years ago in Brooksville, Florida, United States. Meaning that the nationality of Christian is American.

Moreover, there is nothing much available about his parents regarding their professional lives or them as individuals.

Also, they too are probably of American nationality because they gave birth to their son in the States.

Christian’s father is of Puerto Rican descent, but he is surely American. Both of his parents were pretty young when he was born.


Indeed, his father was just a 20-year-old US Marine Corps combat veteran when he gave birth to Christian. There is not much detailed information about his mother yet.

He also posts about his parents sometimes and expresses how great he feels about them.

Christian Arroyo Age: How Old Is The Football Star?

The age of football star Christian Arroyo is just 26 years old now.

He was born on May 30, 1995, in Brooksville, Florida, United States and he started his professional career as a baseball player when he was just 17 years old.

Christian Arroyo Wife: Is He Married?

Christian Arroyo is not a married man so he surely does not have a wife.

However, he is not single either, because he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Jessica Handler for quite some time now.

They have been together for more than 6 years now, but the exact duration of their togetherness is not revealed. They have pictures together from as early as July of 2021.

Jessica does not have a public social handle and Christian does not mention much about what she does, so we are yet to know more information about her life.

Christian Arroyo Salary: How Much Does The MLB Player Earn?

The salary of the MLB player Christian Arroyo is $1 million a year.

Well, this value is revealed by different statistical sources but we are not fully sure about these values.

However, it seems obvious that he earns a million dollars a year, considering his amazing gameplay.


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