Daniel Ortega Wife, Rosario Maria Murillo Zambrana, is the vice president and first lady of Nicaragua. Rosario has worked for the Nicaraguan government as a spokesperson, a minister, the Sandinista Association of Cultural Workers, and the Council on Communication and Citizenry Communications Coordinator.

Daniel Ortega is a Nicaraguan politician who has been the country’s president since 2007.

From 1979 to 1990, he served as President of Nicaragua, first as Coordinator of the National Reconstruction Junta and later as President of Nicaragua.

He was a leader in the Sandinista National Liberation Front, and he developed programs in Nicaragua to achieve leftist reforms.

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Daniel Ortega Wikipedia

Daniel Ortega is most known for being the long-serving president of Nicaragua in Central America.

Ortega was raised by his activist parents in a distant area. His father and his wife became fiercely opposed to the governing dictator after seeing action in a civil war.

Even though Daniel’s mother was arrested on political charges while he was a teenager, he joined the protest movement and was soon arrested himself.

After securing his freedom through a political bargain, he quickly rejoined his revolutionary group and, after a long struggle, overthrew the regime.

While foreign powers attempted to destabilize him by funding armed rebel organizations in neighboring countries, Ortega remained in power for one term before fading into the background of Nicaraguan politics for the next decade. 

Who Is Daniel Ortega Wife?

Daniel Ortega’s wife is Rosario Murillo. Nicaragua’s Vice President and First Lady, Rosario Murillo, is the first lady and vice president of the country.


Murillo has served as the Nicaraguan government’s chief spokesperson, a minister, the Sandinista Association of Cultural Workers director, and the Council on Communication and Citizenry’s Communications Coordinator.

On January 10, 2017, she was inaugurated as Nicaragua’s vice president.

The European Union imposed personal penalties against her in August 2021, allegedly for abuses of human rights.

Daniel Ortega Children

Zoilamérica Ortega Murillo is Daniel Ortega’s adopted stepdaughter.

She works as a consultant for the LGBTI rights organization Comunidad Casabierta in Costa Rica. She has previously served in the National Assembly in the past.

Daniel Ortega, her stepfather, was accused of sexually abusing her while she was a child in 1998. During the Nicaraguan general election in 2021, she condemned her stepfather from exile in Costa Rica.

#ZoilaméricaNarváez: “#DanielOrtega, mi padrastro, abusó de mí desde los 9 años”.

— Internacionales (@inter_pl) March 6, 2019

Daniel Ortega Net Worth

Nicaraguan politician Daniel Ortega has a net worth of $50 million. Daniel is one of the wealthiest World Leaders and one of the most popular.

He is well-known for implementing leftist changes throughout Nicaragua and has long played a prominent role in Nicaraguan politics, which has undoubtedly aided in securing his wealth.

Meet Daniel Ortega In Instagram

Daniel Ortega does not have an Instagram account. Analyzing a social media profile, Daniel has 156 Twitter followers and uses the platform to offer information about his professional life. 

Daniel appears private about his personal life and does not want to share details with the public. Thus there isn’t much more information on him.

He also appears to be avoiding Internet sites. Thus he is not active on Instagram; we can learn about him from other sources.


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