Kaisa Farthing is the wife of an Ex-Royal Marine, Pen Farthing, in Kabul. Get to know her better.

Kabul is the capital of Afganistan. The city at the moment is chaotic due to political issues.

Locals and ex-pats are in danger and trying to fly from there.  Mr. Farthing urged Britain to help him get 71 team members out of Afganistan and rescue 100 cats and dogs,

As per MailOnline News published yesterday, 17th August. Nomad Charity was the first official sanctuary in Afganistan.

It was home to animals like dogs, cats, donkeys, and some horses. 

Pen Farthing’s Wife Kaisa Farthing Wikipedia

Kaisa Farthing doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. She was running an animal rights charity in Afghanistan. They named it Nowzad Charity. 

It was funded by celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Judi Dench. Kaisa Farthing is married to Pen.

She is from Norway, a shieldmaiden. Kaisa is not featured in Wikipedia. But we will share about the couple. 

Mr. Farthing was deployed to Afganistan, 42 Commando Royal Marines in Nowzad town.

The two marines never came back during the operations, were held by the enemies, and five were injured.

He met a dog called Nowzad, which led Pen to end his career and work for an animal charity. 

Kaisa Farthing Age – How old is She?

There is not much information found about Kaisa Farthing. Her name is Kaisa Helene. 

Since Mr. Farthing is 52 years old. She must be in her late forties; however, it is just a guess.

Highlight on the Family

Mr. Pen grew up in Essex. In 2006, Mr. Farthings set up the Nawzad Dogs charity and got settled down in Afganistan.

He traveled to different countries for work and climbed mountains gaining Mountain Instruction Awarded.

The Sergeant served as part of a four-person team during Gulf War in 1991. No detail on Mr. Farthing and Kasia’s wedding is found.

The couple has a child, yet any sources share no information.

In videos shared by Dog Desk Radio on his Twitter, Mr. Farthing declared that his wife, child, and the manager are safe.

He went live on Facebook, where he showed concern for the safety of his family and a team member. 


Kaisa Farthing, her pregnant country manager & child have reached a safe location in #kabul#nowzad #OperationArk https://t.co/LEbKugZhQm

— Dog Desk Radio (@DogDeskNews) August 17, 2021

Is Kasia Farthing on Social media?

You can find her on Instagram under username @kaisahelene. She has 640 followers.

She has kept her account private. 

Mr. Farthing can be found on Instagram @penfarthing

Besides, you can find him on Twitter @penfarthing

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