Mohammed Robinson, a Black man, became the victim of criminal Alonso Perez resulting in death.

Mohammed Robinson was killed in 2016 at McDonald’s.

He passed away leaving his beautiful family which includes his love partner and children behind.

Who Was Mohammed Robinson? Las Vegas Man Murdered By Alonso Perez

Mohammed Robinson was a Las Vegas-based black man who was murdered by Alonso Perez.

Robinson, the partner of Shea Ah Nee and the father of five, went to McDonald’s for taking a break but who knew his life would be cut short.

He was aged 31 years old at the time of his death in 2016.

Actually, Mohammed and a woman had a verbal fight at that time to use the restroom. When that woman’s Hispanic companion, who happens to be the killer Alonso, got to know about the arguments, he became upset and violent thus, hitting Robinson multiple times.

As per the killer, Mohammed was killed unintentionally and accidentally after the killer fired the gun in self-defense, He was thought to be armed and waving his hands in the air by his shooter when he was being pointed at by the gun.

Is The Killer Alonso Perez In Jail?

The killer Alonso Perez, currently aged 31, is in jail now as per The Cinemaholic.


As a result of charge in five separate cases stemming from a series of crimes, which includes three killings, robbery, etc. he was sentenced to life term imprisonment.

The killer was young and was just aged 25 years old during the course of Robinson’s murder in 2016. Not only limited to one but Alonso was also charged with the death penalty against a suspect in three homicides as per Las Vegas Review Journal.

Other than homicide, the young man Perez charges related to grand larceny of an automobile, robbery with a deadly weapon, grand larceny, possession of a stolen credit card, conspiracy to commit robbery.

What’s more, he murdered three individuals in only a two-week span. He was relieved from the death penalty after Perez truthfully admitted to pulling the trigger outside McDonald and accepting his crime.

Mohammed Robinson Murder Case On ID’s Chaos in Court Episode

Mohammed Robinson’s murder case is featured in Investigation Discovery’s series Chaos in Court: Court of Public Opinion episode.

The series documents how he was mercilessly killed at a fast-food restaurant in August 2016. To tell in brief, it paints the picture of an unnecessary and unrequired escalation of violence. Thus, these escalating emotions led to Mohammed Robinson paying the ultimate price at last in the form of death.

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