Bucky Raw
Bucky Raw


The race for the biggest crown in the Liberia music industry is on as organizers of the annual Liberia Music Awards won a sponsorship deal with MTN to host this year’s awards.

The Artiste of the Year category is the biggest award of the night and has been highly contested. The nominees are all males and this sends a message to female artistes in Liberia to work extra harder to share such with male counterparts.

The MTN Liberia Music Awards 2018 nominees for Artiste of the Year awards are:

Bucky Raw

Who wins the Artiste of the Year award?

It is not known how organizers would be arriving at the winner as fans are expected to vote to help in the selection process. The website of the scheme has limited information and one cannot tell if there would be a board to help select winners or winning would be based on 100% votes by fans.

It would have been very great if the scheme let music lovers know if the performance of the musicians in the year under review would be counted or selection would be based on voting only. 100% selection by voting means the award may end up the hands of the richest musician or the one with huge fan base who would be able to afford the cost of voting.

Nonetheless, all the nominees deserve the award and even others like Eric Geso and Stunna could have also been there but it’s understood that the spots were only five.


CIC, F.A have had a wonderful year. CIC has had several hit songs with a major collaboration with Nigeria’s Iyanya. F.A had a great impact outside Liberia and even got nominated in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. The two have been slow in the later part of the year, being in this category isn’t bad at all.

Kobazzie was the home champion doing all his thing at home. He had a successful year and it won’t be surprised if he picks this category.

DenG started the year with enough confidence releasing hits and after hits and embarking on various tours. DenG however seems to be having a long rest and not much is heard of him in the later part of the year.

Bucky Raw has been in the news consistenly from his deportation saga, to CS2 album success and down to beef with Christoph. The hits and records set by Bucky Raw’s CS2 album is enough to have him win the Artiste of Year award unquestionably. But there is a problem.

What is the problem then? Bucky Raw, F.A and DenG did not make it to the Male Artiste of the Year category. Not having any female artiste of group in the Artiste of the Year category, one would expect that all those in that category would be replicated in the Male Artiste of the Year category.

So Bucky Raw, F.A and DenG missing out in the Male Artiste of the Year category automatically makes them losers of the Artiste of the Year award. This is because it would make no sense for one of them to win the overall Artiste of the Year and not winning the Male Artiste of the Year.

So the competition lowers to CIC and Kobazzie. So who wins? CIC or Kobazzie? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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