Amb. Karishma seems to have found the balance between being a mother and career woman. You see, the modern world is characterized by a lot of upheavals. Traditional values are frowned upon ever since feminism became mainstream. Young women are taught that in order for them to be independent, they must throw aside the yoke of traditional gender roles that the patriarchy has forced on their forebears.

Amb. Karishma is one of the precious few modern women who have found a balance between their newfound independence and their responsibility to their families. She is a successful media personality, an entrepreneur, and a mother. Her career is flourishing as she is even on prime time news, and her family is flourishing

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am saying she is a woman young girls trying to find their place in the world should look up to aye? Well, let us delve into the reasons.

She is a woman of honour.

In a world filled with socialites, divas and whatever other names for trollops you can conjure up, this lady has been focusing her attention on the well-being of many Liberians, most especially during the pandemic.

Amb. Karishma, on the other hand, is never caught up in nonsense. She has a wholesome image. She doesn’t use her body to court attention.

She is a mother.

You will never hear Amb. Karishma’s households cast aspersions to her mothering capabilities. . And do you know why? It is because she puts being a mother before everything else. And Amb. Karishma is so serious about her role as a mother, it defines who she is.

She has a happy home.

When you watch how Amb. Karishma interact with her daughter, it becomes apparent that she strives to make hers a happy home. When they are home, she strives to make her daughter happy. As a result, he shares that same energy. She puts 100 per cent into her family. That is why this is the lady I would want young girls to look up to. Not one of the attention-grabbing trollops who have nothing to show for it at the end of the day other than depression and dishonour.

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