Bucky Raw is a name that constantly pops up when talking about Liberian artists. This musician has been able to make tremendous steps in the music industry.


The TrapCo musician is a well respected musician who is regarded as the new king of Liberian music. have gathered few reasons why Davido should either sign Bucky Raw to his OBO’S ’30 Billion’ Gang which consists of some top Nigerian musicians including “Mama” hitmaker Mayorkun, Dremo, Peruzzi, disc jockey Dj E-Cool, and producer Fresh VDM, or feature a musician who have numerous hit singles to his name and recently sold his CS2 album world wide, and with top ranking on both Amazon and ITunes charts and also making his first appearance on The Billboards.

Here are six(6) reasons why Davido should sign or featured Bucky Raw.

(1) Have a huge fan base both Domestic and international

No doubt that Bucky Raw has the highest social media followers in Liberia among artists, with more international following as well. He has over a million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined.


(2) Multi-talented

Bucky Raw can simply be described as an all rounded music artist. He is multi-talented in a number of fields which include being a vocalist, songwriter, rapper, well as an arranger. With so many talents at his disposal, he is capable of coming up with award-winning songs or also offering a good show.

(3) Versatile musician

Bucky can perform in different scenarios. He is also well-versed with different music genres and can quickly adapt to a new situation.

(4) Energetic performance

Any person who have ever attended a Bucky Raw concert or live performances always attest to one thing; the trapco king is on top of his game. He is known for his great performances that not only go well with his attendees, but also leave them wanting more. This is probably the reason that Bucky Raw’s name will always feature in high energy concert.

(5) Dedication

Despite his star status, Bucky always ensure to give his best. This has seen him showcase good performances to both sold-out events as well as a handful of people. In a recent concert at Destiny’s Night Club and Celavi Night Club both in the nation’s capital Monrovia and also at Royal Plus in Paynesville, Bucky Raw put up an electrifying show, and some other musicians also shared the podium with him.

(6) Consistency

And finally, another reason that make Bucky Raw good at what he does is consistency. He makes sure he comes up with high-quality music without taking long breaks.

The popularity and demand for Bucky Raw is never questioned. He is a household name when it comes to Liberian. Bucky’s star can only shine brighter.

CSE and OBO’S ’30 Billion’ Gang, what are your thoughts?.


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