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Why it’s tough being a female musician in Liberia

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Female singers in the music industry go through a lot before they achieve success and perhaps this explains why they are fewer than their male counterparts.

Most people often assume that the playing field is levelled, but it’s not. Female singers are a disadvantaged lot and that’s why some give up along the way.

First, no one takes them seriously. Producers are always ready to cancel their sessions when a male artists showsup and that’s how they end up not releasing songs.

Secondly, they often have to give in to sexual requests if they want to make progress in the entertainment industry. Most people see them as sexual beings and not as artists.

The third reason is almost similar to the first one and that is they are paid less money compared to their male counterparts because no one takes them seriously.

You’ll find a male and female artist being booked for the same event and the latter is given peanuts while the male artist is laughing to the bank.

More people think that female artists are dumb and have little or no understanding about financial matters. As such, they always want to swindle them.

It’s about time we started taking female artists seriously because they put in as much effort as their male counterparts if not more. 

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