Holy Record artiste, Kpanto aka The Street President is one of the most respected and recognized artiste in the country.

His versatility to rap and sing and also fit into different genres of music has distinguished him from the crop of talented artistes in Liberia today.

This brings one to the reason why the artiste has not been duly recognized internationally and outside Liberia alongside his peers like Kobazzie, Bucky Raw, CIC and Stunna.

Why the talented artiste not getting deserved attention from the outside World.


Kpanto has made quantity his main goal. Flood the scene with songs and songs till he reach a point of equilibrum and then start to decline.

Kpanto has failed to allow the people thirst for his songs and his releases are not up to expectations too.

He has even refused to meet up with more influential managers and more serious minded and music experts. The lack of expertise on the side of the management and consisting of influential managers does bear its mark.

Kpanto style is not appealing to the outside world. A little of more mature songs and english lyrics might do the trick….Do something appealing to every one and yet dont forget the minority.

Enough of the MLMA and LEA awards.


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