Before we talk about the numerous facts that are behind the great decline of the Liberian music industry, a big applause should be given to the talented Liberian artists that have given their whole in order to give out better Music.

Now, let’s throw back the days were the Music industry in Liberia had great music.

In fact the industry had great music with a lot of creativity in it and it only lacked a quality video to compete with the international music.

Talking about quality video’s, great thanks is a must to the Liberian video producers that have worked towards in producing quality videos. Excellent works guys and keep it up.

Many of you may be surprised if we said that the Liberian music industry is at a collapse yet there are many in fluxing artists into the industry but you tend to forget that most of them lack quality music that most of  you need.

Back to the punch line, some of the reasons as to why the music industry in Liberia is at a collapse are as follows;

Poor management – Well, this is self -explanatory because many Liberian artists want to be the spear heads in everything concerning their music. Want to be managers, promoters, songwriters Co- producers of their own music and tend to forget that two heads are better than one.

Money Minded – This works hand in hand with the pressure that musicians put on themselves whereby if one musician releases a song and it has made a one month hit, it will force the other to pressure himself to produce music not giving him room of creativity since he also wants a one week hit due to money.


Lack of indeed friends – As the say a friend in need is a friend indeed here we are talking about the tight buds of the Liberian artists that fail to advise them right from the start when they are just starting a particular song that seems to be poor in terms of quality but they rather keep quiet to keep the friendship relation with the celebrity than telling him the truth that song he/she is doing is poor.

Poor producers – Of course not all producers in Liberia are poor, but some of them are horrible and others are after money a manner that has resulted to many upcoming artists to release poor songs, since most of them just have little money to satisfy the producers to give them quality music beats thus leading to the downfall of the music industry in Liberia.

Radio’s and TV’s – These are the major barriers that have led to the collapse of the industry. That is to say Presenters on these TV’s and Radio’s no longer mind about the quality that an artist has bought to the station, after all he is given commission to receive such music yet he is instead pushing the industry to the crushing land.

Poor copying – This goes to all the musicians that don’t want to embrace their local language and they feel that if they don’t sing in the Jamaica way,  they feel they are offline and yet they don’t know the Jamaican patwa that they want to sing.

Last but not the least is the Animosity among the artists therefore if you have any reason as to why the music industry is collapsing, comment down in the comment box, your information will be useful to the industry


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