Money&Salvation sensation Sammi Caine has announced the release of his debut album years after releasing several singles. This ofcourse bucks the norm of having him showcase his talents through an album release.

It is actually more accurate to say that Sammi Caine has follow the well-beaten path of Liberian and indeed African artists career paths. Sammi Caine makes clean music and the way he presents it is so unique that you’ll just have to listen to him.


Since he signed to Money& Salvation, the artist has been afforded incredible promo. Expect this album to have maximum promo. This album is so material and anticipated because Sammi Caine needs a good album more than ever. He doesn’t have a album under his belt yet.

The guy is finally set to release his first album and it will be a thing to experience because not only is this a coming of age of sorts for him, it will allow fans to finally have a segment to place him in.

While Sammi Caine was silent for a few months, he recently released ‘Jam’ and that could signal plans for his new album.