Stunna hit 1 million YouTube streams and this was a huge deal for many reasons. For one, it is always assumed that Liberian artists are the lowest in West Africa and he has literally bucked the assumption.

Another interesting reason is the fact that Stunna’s win is proof Liberian artists can aspire to greatness and actually get it.

And after this, we can then assume that they have the management team in place to help them navigate the business of entertainment just like Stunna was fortunate to have constructed around him.

You see, Stunna managed to land his 1 million YouTube views courtesy of the support shown to him by Liberians who for some reason decided to park their goodwill right at the “For Life” hitmaker feet.

Now, picture if you will, for argument’s sake, an artist with Stunna’s talent as stated earlier, this guy also gets to team up with a management team that has financial muscle.

They decide to invest in Stunna, allowing him to work with awesome producers and sound engineers and make collaborations to introduce him to new markets.

And this support allows him to garner YouTube views in the millions. Then from there, he can focus on growing his brand in Ghana and Nigeria. And from there, he can also begin to grow into South Africa, Central Africa and East Africa.

And the only missing link to their success is Liberian support.

To bring everything full circle, Stunna hitting that 1 million views mark is actually a blessing because now everyone has realized just how important Liberian support is and artists have just realized what the missing link to their success is.

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