It is true that these days, anyone can score a hit in music with as much as a ¼ talent. There is a big difference about how music was made in the yesteryears and now. The advent of sleek PR machinery, social media and the Internet at large makes it as easy as pie to become a viral sensation. Which explains why several ¼-talented bunches are getting away with corny music and making hits at the same time. But in the end true talent triumphs.

Apparently, at the moment there’s so much rave about Lourell George, popularly known as Stunna. The Amplified music star seems to be enjoying a career rebirth.

Stunna is among the few caliber of artists that breakthrough without conforming to age long industry norms. Stunna is one of the few artists that has made a song that moved from a point of lower concentration to a point of higher concentration. He has done it not once not twice with tracks like “911“, “Baby O“,”Balance“, “Her Engine Oil” etc. He has defied the odds and still stands.

2020 is another defining point in his career as the gates of Montserrado open once again to him. It seems like everyone is waking up to the fact that Stunna is indeed a talented musician. His unique sound no longer feels confined to a particular region of the country.  It took a collaboration with fellow labelmate Barsee to drive the message home and it stuck. Stunna detected the pace of the song while Barsee deliver an astonishing rap. From time to time the Liberian music industry has witnessed various artists who aren’t from the same gerne of music incorporate by any means to appeal to a wider audience.

The aftermath of ‘Her Engine Oil’ is that everyone now loves Stunna which is ironic. Do I say it’s all fake love because everyone once to make a hit off his back. The resurgence of his career has to do with the fact that talent always finds a way to succeed, it only takes one good opportunity and and the rest is history.

In this era where social media campaigns and skits are used to make a song popular a pool of talent always wins in the end after all propaganda fades. True talent breakthrough stereotypes, ethnicity, territorial boundaries, true talent always win.

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