Yoc-Liberia Set To Launch The Liberia National Debate Championship With “Corlornehn” Meaning ‘Book Sweet’

Youth For Liberia Inc. is set to launch the Liberia National Debate Championship and this time around with a song titled “Corlornehn”, meaning ‘Book Sweet’.

“Corlornehn” features two of Liberia’s top-notch artists JB-SoulFresh and Pck. The debate which is set to be launch on the 23rd of January will present 120 high schools across 15 counties in Liberia.

Speaking to the CEO, Mr. Alex Devine, he said “This year, we will use music as another form of awareness. We are proud to have been joined by Artists like PCK, JB of the soul fresh crew, sensational Abigail and with the powerful voice of our Brand Ambassador of Change (Satta Sheriff). Watch out for the most bookish yet danceable song in 2019.”

“Corlornehn” is yet to be released.

Liberia National Debate Championship

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