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Your attacks on Dumelo shows you’re shallow-minded – Rex Omar to Socrate Safo

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A spokesperson for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on creative arts Rex Omar says his colleague Socrate Safo is shallow-minded.

According to him, Socrate Safo’s needless attacks on John Dumelo just because he has put himself up for election is worrying and nothing to write home about.

To him, if Socrate Safo is doing that to gain favour in his political party, he has failed because it only exposes his shallow mindedness as a person.

“What do you gain from attacking fellow industry people without any provocation? If you think doing that will make you look good in your party, my friend, think again because it rather exposes your shallow mindedness. Learn to be in your lane. Industry FIRST.”

His comment comes on the back of Socrate Safo condemning John Dumelo for saying that Ghana Films Industry Corporation was sold out by NPP adding that he is not worthy of the seat he is contesting.

“A Film actor in Ghana who says Ghana Films Industry Corporation was sold out by NPP is not competent to lead a constituency,” Socrate Safo said in a post on Facebook.