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Your well being sometimes depends on your partner – Alhaji Dr.Akanayo

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Herbal Doctor, Alhaji Dr. Akanayo has emphasized that most often, couples’ well-being depends on their partners.

According to him, people do not only need good food and a healthy lifestyle to get good health but also, they need their partners to be in good shape.

Speaking to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s ‘NsemPii’ he stated, “Sometimes a word from your partner can make or unmake your day but people disregard this a lot. Especially for women, certain words their husbands use on them can sometimes put them off.”

He emphasized that discouraging words from your partner can get you broken and such words are difficult to erase from the minds of people.

Citing an example he said, “When a man makes fun of his wife’s big stomach that’s it. It’s possible for the lady to think about it for years exactly why her husband made such a statement and sometimes, the lady even does everything possible to make things right and if it proves futile it can lead to depression”.

Alhaji shared that, there is a lot that women can actually do for their men but they hold back because of the discouraging words their husbands said to them, some time back which keeps ringing in their heads.

He advised couples to start paying attention to certain things they say to their partners and to always choose their words carefully whenever they talk to their partners to aid them in their complete well being.