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BabyEye Taylor: Liberian Rapper Gaining Attention in the Bay Area, California

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Liberian rapper and song-writer, based in the Bay Area, California, has been quietly gaining attention on the Bay Area music scene.

BabyEye Taylor
BabyEye Taylor

Fresh off the release of his latest single “Heartless” featuring Atlantic Records artist and E-40’s protégé OMB Peezy, the Monrovia born artist granted an interview.

Listen to the song below:

The RihRih hitmaker told that his goal is to be prominent in the rap and hip-hop community in the United States.

When asked with such ambition, what can his fans expect from him in 2019, BabyEye, not wanting to reveal too much, told his fans to “expect the unexpected.” When asked what that meant, he said we should wait and see.

The Bay Area rapper however, revealed that he is planning an international tour in 2019.

BabyEye Taylor is planning to return to Liberia in 2019. Dope Music Empire is however not releasing further information on the artist’s return to Liberia at the moment but BabyEye anticipates his return to Liberia will be special.

BabyEye Taylor
BabyEye Taylor

BabyEye also looks forward to working with other Liberian artists on his journey to use his growing platform to help the already growing music industry and other artists get paid for their work.

He believes there’s a lot of money to be made in music for Liberian artists if there is unity between the artists based in the diaspora and the ones based in Liberia.

“If you look at artists in the Nigerian music industry, they are very successful because artists like Davido, Wizkid, and others work with each other in their quest to make Nigerian Music global. And today, Nigerian music is global because of that,” BabyEye responded when asked to elaborate on his point about there being a lot of money to be made in music by Liberian artists.

He believes Liberian artists are as talented and that with hard work and collaboration, they can achieve that.

When asked which artist he looks forward to working with if provided the opportunity, BabyEye responded, “all of them.”

The rapper pointed to the song he made with the late Quincy B called “Calling Me” while discussing his willingness to work with other Liberian artists.

With his dedication, hard-work, and vision, the humble artist is creeping up on the music industry and if you weren’t paying attention before, it’s time to start paying attention.

Also, lookout for the video to “Heartless” dropping soon.