Bucky Raw visits the National Research Center for the Blind

Bucky Raw

Rapper Bucky Raw, through the help of social media has just discovered a new and raw talent in a young blind kid, after a video of the blind kid expressing his love for the TrapCo king went viral

The rapper was tagged in the viral video because the young kid was not only expressing his love for Bucky, despite his condition but was also naming few of the artiste’s hit songs.

Today happens to be a beautiful day for the blind kids at the National research center for the blind, after the entire CSE team visited the center, with the star artiste presenting his Philadelphia Sixers jersey to the blind kid in which he performed in at Davido’s Concert late last year.

Bucky Raw, upon his return to Liberia has been involved in lot of humanitarian activities around the country, having visited the South Beach Prison, the local police station in Nimba County, and today meeting up with young blind kids at the National Research Center for the Blind.

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