Liberian artiste Feouls is all set to drop his highly anticipated freestyle titled ‘Feouls Freestyle‘. The artist is all set to drop the much-awaited freestyle this month , according to his management – and he made the wait easy by dropping the cover art.

Feouls musical prowess cannot be put to doubt, he’s shown his musical technique and versatility times without number. He’s had a successful run so far in the music industry, giving us smash hit singles.

Feouls has had major collaborations with artistes like Christoph, Revoluxon, Medikal amongst others, his music lovers have all been looking forward to new releases from him.

The artiste also started the #SugarChallenge on social media hoping to spark a dance craze that will sweep across the country. It’s working! People are posting videos of themselves dancing to the song infectious beat in hopes of winning 100usd !! 👀

Feouls’s fans are expected to record a video of themselves dancing to his song, “Sugar“. The video with the most views will eventually become the winner.

All you have to do is send a message to Liberia Music Insider blog, requesting the audio to start the challenge. According to his management, the closing date for the #SugarChallenge is 14 May, 2020

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