Kobazzie and Davido
Kobazzie and Davido


If there’s an argument on how great we have done with the music leading to the current collaborations and the likes, there should definitely be a counter point that answers how much these collaborations have added to the artistes and their international run, because in truth, not much has been achieved with regards to this.

In truth, the Liberian Music Industry is still green with everything we see and deem a success actually mere flashes in the pan.

Did Stunna’s Baby O stop being his biggest hit ever after he collaborated with Iyanya on Balance? Did Jaredo increase his performance fee after his collaboration with Kuami Eugene? Did Iyanya appeared on CIC tour in Australia after their collaboration?

So what exactly do these collaborations do for Liberian music?

Iyanya, for instance, has done many collaborations with Liberian artistes, but has this music partnership helped bridge any gaps. Oh well, maybe a few more glamour here and there, but nothing particularly substantial for Liberian musicians.

CIC is at his peak at present, perhaps the most successful Liberian artiste we can point to today. But his collaboration with Medikal regardless, he’d be just as great. Not to say there’s any wrong in the partnership, but if there isn’t complete maximization of these things, then it’s almost a futile process.


You see, it’s really painful how our artistes don’t even know – or appear not to know – what they’re worth. Otherwise what does CIC stand to gain in a collaboration with Nigerian singer Aramide.

This leads us to asking how exactly the collaboration between CIC and Medikal has helped make the former a bigger star than he already is in Liberia. How does it ensure CIC is any more revered in Ghana, Africa or on a tour than he was?

Da Vero is arguably Liberia’s Best Female Artiste, at least that’s what TunesLiberia and MLMA say. And if they think so, I couldn’t agree any better.

She doesn’t have any Nigerian collaboration. She is where she is today from sheer hard work and skills.

Bucky Raw is one of our most celebrated from here; I’m struggling to find his Ghanaian collaborations.

Just to reiterate, collaborations are very good only as much as they optimally serve their purposes. Outside that, it makes no odds.

Takun J, Nasseman are both called legendary in many circles today. They both didn’t need to pursue a certain international collaboration to get this far. If they had one, however, it wouldn’t have changed much when it’s not fully optimized.

Still, Bucky Raw is respected across circles today, in spite of being directly linked with some of the biggest Nigerian stars of this decade; Don Jazzy, Davido, Ice Prince and other acclaimed producers.

Collaborations help. Collaborations will always help. But the question is – are they adding value?


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