Instagram Blue Verification Tick can be applied for; it’s not magic

So, what makes the Instagram seal of approval so special? Why is everyone tripping over themselves to get one, and most importantly – how can you claim your own?

Most social media platforms, celebrities, and public figures have a verification symbol. Yet in today’s socially driven online world, the “blue tick” of IG carries a special significance and by far is the most sought after of the social status badges.

Despite what you may think, IG didn’t create verification for status purposes. Being verified on Instagram simply means that you are who you say you are.

Currently, Instagram is the third largest social network with 1 billion users, just below YouTube and Facebook. With so many users online, people want to know for sure whether they’re talking to the real person, or a random super-fan in a venom suit.

Everyone can apply, but not everyone will be accepted — you need to meet some requirements before you get that blue tick.

To apply all you have to do is go to Settings and then tap on Request Verification. You’ll then be asked to provide your full name as well as a photo of a Government-issued ID such as a driver’s licence, passport etc.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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