Teddyride released “Find A Friend Like Me” and Mc Caro has released “Fuckor”… I know what you’re thinking, that this is very unfair and I agree but she has been saying that her song is the epitome of Liberian Entertainment…  Sigh.

So Teddyride released a true work of art, his song, “Find A Friend Like Me”, broke away from the stereotypical expected Liberia sound in a fantastic way.


On the other hand, no kidding, Mc Caro song has been described as trash by some netizen. “She literally made a song that sounded dated without it being ironic nor an ode to an new sound”, one music fan tweeted.

That is the first way in which Teddyride’s song comes off as superior.

In your own view, between Teddyride and Mc Caro, who has the better song?


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