Barsee Mocopala Kiloda, is one of the finest minds in the Liberian entertainment industry but I’m not sure many people even see it.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that he is such a dope lyricist, perhaps one of the finest that this country has ever seen. I am always impressed every time I listen to new song by him because he is really dope.

Unlike most artists, his rhymes are well-thought out and not so predictable. He also has a distinct voice that makes you want to keep listening to him.

He has always been my favourite since I first played his song. Apart from his unique style, I just feel that he is in his own class as artist.

I was listening to his latest track with Stunna dubbed ‘Her Engine Oil‘ and I was really impressed. If you ask me, it’s about time he start working with some well-known artists.

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