There have been talks and arguments on whether Liberian rappers are lyrically capable to stand against rappers from other countries like (South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, UK, USA). Rap music in Liberia has yet to experience the kind of love and support other countries are showing to their rappers and the rap culture.

Although there are many people who have compelled themselves to believe that rap music in Liberia is dead, we cannot deny that some rappers have remained true to their craft and have consistently churned out quality rap songs.

With a more proper structure and more acceptance of rap music in Liberia, there are rappers who we can confidently appoint to represent the country on an international level. These are rappers who have been able to prove their lyrical dexterity, immaculate flows, and untouchable rhyme schemes.

Some of these rappers are:


Scientific is one of the greatest lyrical geniuses we have in Liberia.

Born in Liberia, Scientific has been one of the most influential rappers in Liberia. So far, he has released several studio albums and Ep. He has been hailed as the most talented lyricist in Liberia.

Scientific has definitely proven himself capable of being on par with rappers from other countries. His discography can speak for him.

Bucky Raw

Trapco king, as he is usually called. Bucky Raw is one of the most successful Liberian rappers. He has played a vital role in keeping rap music in Liberia alive.

Bucky Raw has released critically-acclaimed albums and singles, all of which have enjoyed great commercial success. He is known as one of the greatest rapper in Liberia.

There is not a shade of doubt that Bucky Raw can match the abilities of many rappers from various countries. He would certainly make a good representative for Liberia in the international scene.

Coz Kamikaze

Coz Kamikaze is a beast on the mic and on the instrumental. His flows are pure and smooth, his lyrics are rich. His wordplay is phenomenal.


He has released several singles and he is also the CEO of Liberty Entertainment. He has massacred so many cyphers and has finished fellow rappers in rap battles and diss tracks.

Coz Kamikaze has what it takes to represent Liberia in an international rap battle or competition. The “Scrapper Food” rapper is a lyrical machine.

Nuchie Meek

Nuchie Meek is a wordsmith who performs magic with words on instrumentals. He is usually commended for his philosophical musings and intellectual discussions on his tracks.

He released his debut “Still Breathing” mixtape, it was widely received with massive acclaim. His unique style of rap has set him apart in the world of rap music in Liberia.

Nuchie Meek is talented enough to face rappers from other countries squarely without being pushed to the side.


Quite a number of people underrate this man’s lyrical genius because of his style of rap. Revoluxon is one of the most gifted Liberian rappers in the Trapco scene.

Mostly referred to as Revo The Devil, the rapper has released numerous singles and Mixtapes. He has also dropped a number of hit singles that have established him as both a good rapper and a skilled songwriter.

Without the sliver of a doubt, Revoluxon is a suitable candidate to par with rappers outside Liberia.

JB D’ General

JB D’ General is an exceptional rapper whose music usually represents his current state of mind or the regular happenings in our society. His music is conscious and his knack for poetry makes itself evident on his tracks.

JB D’ General has pushed hard as an independent artist and has successfully released many songs which many critics have deemed to be of standard quality.

If Liberia were to participate in an international rap competition, JB D’ General would make a smart choice as a representative of the country.


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