Social media has allowed celebrities to directly influence their fans and followers over the years.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have given users a deeper look at their favorite celebrities, granting them direct access into their world.

Celebrities like President George Weah and Wokie Dolo, use their various platforms to speak overtly with fans about complex or significant matters, while personalities like Henry Costa, Senator Darius Dillon, and Benita Urey, have all built for themselves fame and popularity using social media.

These celebrities have the authority to influence hundreds or thousands of people in and around Liberia with a single post, and they have mastered just how to do it.

Scroll through the photos below to see Liberia’s Top Ten (10) Most Influential Celebrities on social media:

1. President George Weah

Of recent, in a rebuttal to Ex-President Sirleaf, George Weah tested the word “opulence” and it became the most used words on the internet..

Unarguably, he is the most loved President ever in the history of Liberia. The first African former professional footballer to become head of state, and first player in Africa to have won the FIFA Player of the Year and Ballon D’or Awards all in 1995.

He has over 365,000 followers on Facebook and a whopping 112,000 plus followers on his Twitter page, making him the most popular and followed celebrity in Liberia.

2. Wokie Dolo

Wokie Dolo comes in second for the most followed person on Facebook, but her enormous fame came in more than half immediately after she won Miss Liberia organized in 2017.

Her brand tumefied by hundreds of users on all social media platforms, particularly Facebook, when President Weah produced an extremely popular song for her, “Wokayy”.

Wokie has over 155,000 followers via her official Facebook page.

3. Henry Costa

Henry Costa became the third most-followed Facebook user in January 2020, with over 126,000 followers.

The political activist gained his followers through his arrogance and robust advocacies against the Sirleaf-led government.

Costa locked down Facebook earlier last year when he popularly staged the famous June 7th protest which thousands of Liberians welcomed him home upon his arrival from exile.

4. Benita Urey

One of the famous daughters of the Urey’s, Benita Urey, roused to fame when she intertwined with her former best friend Michelle, to have produced one of Liberia’s online blogs, Liberian Influence.

Her popularity heightened in the same vein when she dated celebrated rapper, Christoph the Change.

Benita’s also the Founder and CEO of iModils, both of which are renowned and conflictingly managed by her.

The blogger has above 103K followers on Facebook, and her impact in society goes far beyond blogging and managing a team of models.

5. Abe Darius Dillon

It’s still a gigantic surprise to many how Senator Dillon woke up from grass to grace in a minute. One can argue and say it’s by the tremendous grace of God. While it is of veracity and truths, I also want to acknowledge that it’s due to the senator’s hard work and most of all, social media presence.


Like people in the opposition blocks constantly refer to him as “Facebook Senator”, I withal, want to concur that he is definitely one.

The most-loved senator has a huzzah of 90,000 followers via his official Facebook page, and is seated at spot number five on our list.

6. Sekou Kalasco Damaro

Bag boy’ to the President, Kalasco, sits at spot number six on our lists. The Presidential Aide has a hoot higher than 89,000 followers via his official Facebook.

Kalasco gained significant portions of followers immediately after he occupied the position of Presidential Aide.

His regular updates on the President’s working and pro-defending has earned him the social media reputation he deserves.

7. Kimmie Weeks

Dr. Kimmie Weeks resides comfortably on our chair at number seven. Although the humanitarian massively lost the 2019 Montserrado senatorial elections to Senator Dillon, Dr. Weeks won the hearts of important few, and has remarkably earned for himself over 81,000 followers via Facebook.

He uses his social media platform to stand out and let fans and supporters into his world. He was able to have camouflaged his followers into voters when he contested the elections.

Dr. Weeks shares photos of him, his family, and all other business ventures on his page, and he does so beautifully and convincingly too.

8. Angel Michael

Oof! Perhaps, it may come as a thunderbolt to many of you why the comedian/musician is on the list and sit at spot number eight?

Alas, the comedian/musician has atop 76,000 followers via his Facebook, and astonishingly, inspires his fans through the productions of comic videos and posts.

Angel Michael has won endorsement deals on radio and television right and proper of his marvelous social media presence. He won the Liberian Entertainment Awards in 2017 and was once labeled Best Comedian of Tunes Liberia.

9. Deng

Paynesville Entertainment Legendary Award winner Deng, has time and time again proven to be an indomitable force in the Liberian Entertainment Industry.

The “Dey Vex” hitmaker has more than 60,000 followers on Facebook and sits at position number nine on our list.

The international star has won for himself few accolades, promotional deals, and appearances both internationally and locally to hoist his career.

In 2015, Deng won Artist of the Year award and Song of the Year for “They Vex” at the Liberia Music Awards.

10. CIC

Arguably, CIC is/was the most popular musician in Liberia in 2019 and even until now. The “Weekend” artist has a Facebook verified icon attached to his name with over 60,000 followers.

CIC has won the hearts and souls of many through his hypnotic voice and mesmerizing lyrics.

He is currently the brand Ambassador of Lonestar Cell MTN, and bagged the best artist of the year award at this year’s Liberian Entertainment Awards.

Tell us in the comments what you think about our list, and who else do you think should’ve made the lists that you didn’t see?

Written By: Thomas Williams Fomba


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