Stunna and Master Queen
Stunna and Master Queen


I have, every now and then, encountered arguments about whether or not the Liberian music industry is on the right path of growth! In fact, some commentators have gone ahead to insinuate or directly state that our music industry has hit a stagnant end, with nothing much to offer!

I say no! Our Music industry is not stagnant. It is experiencing what is technically called (or what I call) the period of transition! This refers to such a time when the music consumers are getting used to current trends in the industry and as such; they get more critical and crave for better stuff!

The period of transition is part of the growth process and is as vital as it is necessary, if the music industry in Liberia is to get better! It is when musicians learn that they have to stop doing things the best way they knew how and start to do them professionally! The period of transition has a variety of advantages that I would like to discuss in this article.

First, it causes musicians to contemplate their next move. They realize that they must up their game if they are to stay above water and relevant in the industry! This will therefore lead to a new phase of blazing hits and cut throat competition!


This transition period will also help amplify the role of other players in the music industry. Song writers/composers, vocal coaches, script writers for music videos, and professional managers will all get more involved!

This is so, simply because musicians will realize that; without a dedicated and professional team, they will not be able to keep their footing in the industry. It is then that musicians with a proper team running their career will find themselves ahead of the rest! The industry will then get bigger and employ more people!

At that point, the state of affairs will cause the springing up of a new school of musicians; a middle class of some sorts, made of young and talented musicians all intending to be the next big stars! This will give the existing big stars a run for their money and cause them to work harder!

Finally, with a more critical audience, people will be looking out for intensity, quality and creativity! This will scare out of their skins, of the guys that have enjoyed the popularity, thereby causing them to work harder!

So, to those of us who are perceptive, the Liberian music industry is not stagnant, it is in a period of transition!


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